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Artist @sarahallegra pays tribute to the #GraniteMountianHotshots who died in the Yarnell, AZ fire last year http://awe.sm/r6yaD

Come visit my blog, the good the bad and the ugly! http://awe.sm/fKphs


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I think these signs are funny… I meet lots of gay people that want to have babies and I meet a lot of gay people that complain because they can’t have babies.

I don’t have a problem with people that are gay, I just think it is funny that their sexual preference is for people of the same sex yet some of their life-long desires require heterosexual sex.

Identify potential abusers and #ASPD antisocial red flags booklet for young girls ..& boys http://awe.sm/fKp0P via @GeneticPsycho

Commercial and Editorial Licensing by JS Photography on 500px. New York, Urban and Nature: http://awe.sm/q6xaV

Was Lilith Mother of the Vampire Race? http://awe.sm/cK8WD

Is this actually a place in Venice or is this the Hudson?

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Asker nebb1 Asks:
Do you have more of isabelle's photos I really like the shots
edward-hackett edward-hackett Said:

I do, I just haven’t gotten around to posting all of them.

I have some on my regular website and I have about 60 more to add. I only do one or two shoots a month so I release them slowly…

Isabelle - Mother’s Love

Beads of water in a Tulip

Tulip after the rain


Bee in a dandelion